We cannot bet on the same sports offer that we have available in real life. Still, it is undeniable that the bookmakers offer us a good variety of virtual sports to place these virtual bets, including some of the most attractive for bettors:

  • Soccer: the beautiful game could not be absent in virtual sports. In virtual soccer betting, two teams with real names face each other, but without their players, so anything is possible.
  • Greyhounds, horses, and trotters: We can bet on a winner or winner / placed before enjoying the races in a virtual track or track while seeing how our bet evolves.
  • Motorsports: we can bet on virtual motocross races or NASCAR-type car races, some vibrant races where in addition to betting on the winner we can bet on the podium, on the first two, first three, etc.
  • Keno is not a sport in itself, but a game quite similar to bingo of Chinese origin. You have to choose up to 10 numbers from the 80 available, and 20 balls are drawn. Depending on the numbers you have hit, the winnings will be higher or lower.

How To Win At Virtual Bets

At this point, it is easy for you to wonder how to win in virtual bets since whenever we play, in addition to having fun, we do it intending to win. Therefore, we can follow a series of tips to win virtual bets. The first is to try virtual bets without money in demo mode, available in virtual sports, which allows us to know how the game works, its development, etc.

It is also essential to know how virtual sports work since the software plays a key role. The whole game is random, and the outcome is totally random. Thus, although we see Barça or Real Madrid teams, they do not have their stars and are at the same level as their rival. Therefore, it is essential to look at the statistics before betting. In all sports, we have very valuable information on the latest results of each contestant.

Being a game where chance plays a fundamental role, it is important to play small amounts in virtual bets since we do not have the same knowledge as in real sports. You can win money, but luck is a key factor for this since we lose the option to analyze the event, the participants’ form, etc. The fees are indicative, but they all have the same option, so it is possible to earn money by betting on the highest odds since the options that they come out are greater than in real events.

Although software and chance play a key role, virtual bets are 200% safe: the DGOJ authorizes them, and the bookmakers cannot manipulate the software in any way. It goes without saying that if the General Directorate for Gambling’s Regulation had not given the green light to virtual betting, the bookmakers would not offer virtual sports. All bookies that have virtual sports have the license to do so.

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